Looking for a place to spend this summer while also living with some of the most stand-up men at the University of Washington? Look no further!

Delts are known for offering one of the best summer live-in experiences at the University of Washington. This isn’t your typical sit on the couch, tan a little, hit up your ex type of summer at Delts. Whether it’s swimming in the cut, Spikeball in the Quad, or even a Sunday night BBQ, there is always something going on at the Gamma Mu Shelter in the summer. If the activities mentioned aren’t enough, we take weekly trips to Golden Gardens, Magnuson Park, Mariners games, and so much more. While every summer is unique, spending your summer at Delts is gauranteed to make memories that last a lifetime.

Delts really has it all!

  • Hot dinner every weekday from our world-class chef Mikki

  • Spacious courtyard for various activities

  • Spotless bathrooms and common areas thanks to a 5 day a week cleaning service

  • Recently renovated sleeping porches with day room access


What am I supposed to do about laundry?

We have 3 washers and 4 dryers in the basement. Our brothers are known for always having extra tide pods that they share generously. If you asked this question in the sense that you don’t know how to do laundry, our house manager is on call 24/7 if that issue arises. If you ended up at this question and you just want to know how to do laundry, click here.

Why would I want to live at Delts instead of doing nothing at all this summer?

Click here.

What am I supposed to do for food?

In addition to the world renowned dinners prepared by our chef Mikki, you will also have access to our toast bar which includes bagels, yogurt, granola, and all of the Lucky Charms your heart desires.