Here at the Gamma Mu chapter of Delta Tau Delta we believe in preparing our members for lives of excellence.

What does excellence mean to you? Here we define it as academic, philanthropic, and social achievement. Here at Delts we constantly stress improvement. Our members are never satisfied and are always trying to find the next step to better themselves and their brothers. If you're willing to make that commitment to yourself, your pledge brothers, and the rest of the chapter then Delts is for you.

Join the ranks of thousands of Delts. Over 170,000 men have been initiated into Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. These men are doctors, lawyers, teachers, athletes, musicians, senators, businessmen, fathers, grandfathers, mentors, advisors, etc. Becoming a Delt offers you an instant connection between these men and you, a connection that could result in some phenomenal life experiences and advice. 

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